Nov 25, 2002

An activist raises concerns about Eva Georgia, general manager of Los Angeles Pacifica station KPFK-FM, in an article for the L.A. Independent Media Center.
Prosecutors in a Houston capital murder case are challenging a judge's order to allow Frontline to film the upcoming trial and jury deliberations, according to an Associated Press wire story.

Nov 22, 2002

Frontline producer and reporter Martin Smith discusses "In Search of Al Qaeda", which aired last night on many PBS stations.
A profile in today's Washington Post describes the Nov. 24 debut of Skinwalkers as a defining moment for PBS President Pat Mitchell.
PBS's publicity blitz for Skinwalkers on Mystery! is churning up a spate of favorable press. Google's news search engine turned up 11 newspaper stories published since Nov. 19. The LA Times ran a Nov. 17 feature on what a trial it was for Robert Redford to bring Tony Hillerman's Native American mystery to the screen.
PBS's Benjamin Franklin apparently held its own against stiff November sweeps competition. The first part of the two-night miniseries pulled in a 2.9 household rating, according to an account in Media Life. That's about 61 percent better than the network's national average this season.

Nov 21, 2002

Pacifica held a marathon fundraiser Nov. 19 and is seeking grants to preserve decaying tapes that document recent decades of activism in its program archive, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.
This year's Public Radio Talk Conference was received so well that PRNDI has scheduled a second annual event for May 2003.
John Potthast is leaving Maryland Public Television to oversee development of new national programming for WETA in Arlington, Va., reports the Washington Post.

Nov 20, 2002

The bad blood between Virginia's public TV stations has come to a boil, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch. The stations are feuding over how to share limited state money.
Activists have been picketing Minnesota Public Radio to protest what they believe is biased, pro-war reporting on the network and on NPR. [Via randomWalks.]

Nov 19, 2002

Four New York radio stations jockeying for Manhattan listeners are stepping on each other's toes in the process, raising worries about interference, reports the New York Times.

Nov 18, 2002

Pacifica is trying to save its deteriorating archives, which include recordings of many famous artists, authors, politicians and activists. [More coverage in the New York Daily News and the San Francisco Chronicle.]

Nov 14, 2002

Milwaukee Public Schools issued a Request for Proposals Oct. 15 to find an operator for its radio station, WYMS. (Microsoft Word file.)

Nov 12, 2002

Radio reading services worry that digital radio could interfere with their signals, reports Radio World. And in an RW editorial, an advocate for reading services urges the radio industry to support secondary audio services.
The FCC has struck a confusing section from a December 2001 decision that admonished WNCW in Spindale, N.C., for breaking underwriting rules. Several public radio organizations, worried that the decision threatened their business practices, asked the Commission to retract the vague language. It did--but not necessarily because it agreed with the pubcasters. Read the Commission's decision (.doc, .pdf, .txt).
Congress and the recording industry must find a way to let college radio flourish, writes Michael Papish in The Washington Post.

Nov 11, 2002

The New York Times tells the story behind "The Vietnam Tapes of Lance Cpl. Michael A. Baronowski," an NPR documentary that some stations are rebroadcasting for Veterans' Day. You can hear the documentary online.
The New York Times reviews an American Experience bio of former President Jimmy Carter, winner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize: "This program is a vivid reminder that a good president and a good man are not necessarily the same thing." The two-part profile debuts Nov. 11 and 12 on PBS.

Nov 8, 2002

Sound Portraits Productions, led by independent radio producer David Isay, has just posted a study guide to be used in classrooms, along with its "Youth Portraits" series of stories.
Dottie Talmage, who managed KVNF-FM in Paonia, Colo., for seven years, died Oct. 28 at the age of 51.
Columnist Mona Charen accuses NPR of being liberal and anti-Israel.
Christopher O'Riley, host of public radio's From the Top, confesses his admiration of Howard Stern in a Minneapolis Star-Tribune profile.

Nov 6, 2002

Independent radio producer Robin White has a website for his documentary Giving Back the Owens.

Nov 5, 2002

WAMU-FM in Washington, D.C., upset listeners yesterday when it accidentally rebroadcast a taped show that included "breaking news" about the start of the area's sniper shootings.
Public radio programmers say a new classical music study will help them improve their service to listeners, according to the latest Eastern Public Radio Newsletter.

Nov 4, 2002

The Los Angeles Times reports on the opening of NPR's West Coast production studios. Hosts Neal Conan and Scott Simon will contribute to NPR's Nov. 5 election coverage from the new studios.

Nov 1, 2002

Gwen Shaffer, a former reporter for WHYY, writes in the Columbia Journalism Review about a "partnership" that compromised environmental reporting at the Philadelphia station.