Jul 13, 2012

CJR eyes Center for Public Integrity's recent unsuccessful foray into daily journalism

Columbia Journalism Review takes an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at the nonprofit Center for Public Integrity's recent unsuccessful effort to remake itself as a daily destination news site instead of concentrating on its specialty, long-form journalism. The plan was to post 10 or more stories per day, to drive website traffic and boost underwriting support.

Now, CJR notes, while the center "will continue to publish a handful of original stories each week, the focus will return to partnering with outside news organizations to produce in-depth investigations."

“We took our general operating support and invested it in the new business model, expecting it would bring a financial return,” said the center’s executive director, pubradio veteran Bill Buzenberg. “That hasn’t happened.”

Last December, the center announced a $2 million budget shortfall, cut more than a third of its staff and exhausted $1.4 million of its reserves, according to CJR.

The center is also home to several other pubradio broadcasters, including former NPR News chief Ellen Weiss.

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