Jun 19, 2012

Oregon net's licenses are in jeopardy as board considers options

A mediated agreement between a fundraising arm of Oregon’s Jefferson Public Radio and Southern Oregon University would sever the foundation from the network, according to the Mail Tribune. But the paper cites anonymous sources who say that members of the foundation’s board may instead resign en masse this week rather than accept the agreement. SOU holds the licenses for some of Jefferson Public Radio’s stations.

Disbanding the board may jeopardize some of JPR’s broadcast licenses and other assets, though a lawyer has advised the foundation that accepting the mediation agreement could have the same effect. The agreement reportedly would require the JPR Foundation to transfer the licenses and other assets to a new nonprofit. But in a letter obtained by the newspaper, communications attorney John Crigler warns that the licenses could be revoked if transferred without FCC approval.

The university and JPR have been locked in a dispute over the leadership of the network and its foundation, as well as management of related assets. For background, see our earlier article about the situation. JPR Foundation board members will meet Friday to discuss the proposed agreement for settling the dispute.

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