May 4, 2012

Third Coast Festival calls for radio doc entries, due by July 9

The international radio festival, to be held Oct. 7 in Evanston, Ill., is offering as many as five Best Documentary prizes with aid from the Richard H. Dreihaus Foundation, including a $4,000 gold prize, plus additional $1,000 Director’s Choice, Best News Feature, Best New Artist (new since July 2010) and Radio Impact awards, each with $1,000 checks. The Radio Impact prize recognizes programs that have significantly affected an individual or a community. Details here. Questions to: 312-948-4682.

In coming weeks, Third Coast will notify winners of this year’s ShortDocs Challenge who have followed the latest quirky rules — making audio shorts, fiction or nonfiction, two to three minutes long, that feature at least two of their neighbors, that have the name of a color in their titles and that contain three seconds of "narrative silence."

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