Jul 16, 2012

Reviewers weigh in on "Market Warriors"

Tonight (July 16) marks the premiere of Market Warriors, the much-anticipated companion program to WGBH's longtime pubTV fave Antiques Roadshow. A few reviews:

From the Boston Globe: "The formula may not be exactly new — the BBC has been doing something similar for more than 20 years with Bargain Hunt, and History is debuting a similar offering this week with Picked Off — but Market Warriors promises to be as addictive as Antiques Roadshow."

The San Francisco Chronicle: "If it wasn't kind of boring because it's too long, Market Warriors might seem like a Saturday Night Live sketch about what would happen if PBS started doing dumb reality shows."

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "Market Warriors is likely to appeal to Antiques Roadshow fans, but it's also a calculated effort to compete with more popular offerings on cable, which undercuts arguments that PBS offers TV shows you can't find elsewhere."

The Deseret News, Salt Lake City, Utah: ". . . buffs of antique and collectibles who have made Antiques Roadshow a success will get a kick out of this spin-off. Like its predecessor, Market Warriors has an educational element that proves to be just as enjoyable."

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