Jul 26, 2006 targets 'NPR-PBS 24' is soliciting donations for a campaign to "Beat the NPR-PBS 24"--the 24 members of Congress up for reelection who voted to cut pubcasting's federal aid. "With your help, together we can retire enough of these representatives to tip the balance on this issue—and send a signal that cutting public broadcasting comes with a political price," writes's "Political Action Team" in an e-mail solicitation [Via].

Grassroots Radio Conference

Chicago Public Radio's Julie Shapiro blogs about the Grassroots Radio Conference, which begins tomorrow in Madison, Wis. "though i respect, not to mention adore the community of public radio producers i've come to know over the past six years, the public radio system at large feels pretty sterile, isolated and starched compared with the sometimes crazy, often manic and totally dedicated community station devotees," she writes.