Aug 11, 2003

A Dayton Daily News report revisits a year-long dispute between WYSO-FM in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and disgruntled listeners who protest the station's decision to end locally produced jazz and folk programs.
Two Stanford profs have started Philosophy Talk, a public radio show concerned more with timeless conundrums than with car repair.
Geov Parrish writes that MITRE's recent report on low-power FM may mark a welcome swing toward localized broadcasting. "The damage that LPFM would supposedly cause to broadcasters simply didn't exist, and the case for re-instating the original proposal is overwhelming," he writes for AlterNet. (Coverage in Current.)
"Their shows are making money, that's why I air them over and over again," says a Maryland Public TV pledge producer, referring to pledge programs produced by Long Island station WLIW. Newsday examines the growth of WLIW's pledge production business.
BE Radio gives an engineer's view of NPR's West Coast production facility.