Sep 4, 2002

Nearly all of the money released by Congress in fiscal year 2002 for public TV and radio's digital conversion will go to help the smallest public TV stations meet their May 2003 transition deadline, CPB has decided.
Visit the website of Nuevos Horizontes (New Horizons), a Spanish-language radio program from the University of Illinois.
Garrison Keillor gets a satiric makeover as "Harrison Taylor" in a mock interview for The Rake.
A new website produced by WGBH aggregates content from public TV and radio on the global connections that contributed to unrest in the Middle East. Another recently launched 'GBH site helps local parents learn about education standards and testing in the Boston Public School System and the state of Massachusetts.
Paul Ingles, an independent producer in public radio, has a website.
Did you know Eastern Public Radio has a website? Well, it does.
Arthur Cohen, formerly of WETA, WNYC and the Radio Research Consortium, now has a website for his consulting business, Whole Station Solutions.