Jun 23, 2005

People for the American Way called it a "landslide." Urged on by pubcasting backers around the country, the House voted 284-140 to restore $100 million cut from CPB's budget in a subcommittee, AP reported. However, the House did not undo the $23 million deletion of the Ready to Learn program for children's TV or $89 million in requested aid for digital transition and pubTV's satellite system overhaul. More than 80 Republicans joined Democrats in supporting an amendment by Reps. David Obey (D-Wis.), Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) and Jim Leach (R-Iowa), said Free Press, one of several groups that helped pubcasters publicize the issue.

How did your House member vote? Here's the House clerk's roll call of the 87 Republicans, 196 Democrats and 1 independent who voted for the Obey amendment.
Patricia Harrison, the controversial candidate for the CPB presidency favored by Board Chairman Kenneth Tomlinson, has been named President and CEO, AP reports. CPB announced the appointment in a news release as the House debated funding for public broadcasting.
Who supports public broadcasting? In the heat of battle over federal funding to the field, "Democrats in Congress and liberal organizations have emerged as public broadcasting's most visible and vocal supporters, while Republicans and conservatives have stayed mostly silent," reports the Washington Post.