Jun 2, 2012

Ford Foundation $1M to LA Times concerns some pubcasting observers

Now on The recent million-dollar Ford Foundation grant to the Los Angeles Times highlights the heightened competition that public broadcasters now face for philanthropic dollars in a fast-changing media world.

Eaton anticipates increased Emmy competition for "Downton Abbey"

The regal Downton Abbey's Emmy-category switch from miniseries to drama could put it up against "American TV's real aristocracy," reports, such as Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Killing and Game of Thrones.

“We’re going to be in a whole other orbit,” said Rebecca Eaton, Masterpiece e.p. “We won against some very stiff competition last year from HBO, for which we all remain enormously proud. But in American TV, the drama series track clearly is the faster track. It’ll be interesting to go toe-to-toe with those very different shows and see how we do.”

Season 1 of Downton had four episodes; Season 2, seven — exceeding the six that generally define a regular series and prompting the category change.

French Chef's love of felines subject of upcoming book by ex-pubcaster

Former WTTW producer Pat Barey is co-author of a book coming out in August about a little-known aspect of Julia Child's life: Her love of cats. Julia's Cats: Julia Child's Life in the Company of Cats draws on letters and original interviews to reveal the famous pubcasting chef's love of felines, from the very first, Minette, that arrived at the Childs' doorstep soon after she and her husband Paul arrived in Paris. Co-author is Therese Burson, Barey's partner in the film production company Tellens.

Ahl departs post at Iowa Public Radio, resigns presidency of PRNDI Board

Jonathan Ahl, news director of Iowa Public Radio, left his job Thursday (May 31), according to The Gazette in Cedar Rapids. Mary Grace Herrington, c.e.o., declined to say "what led to his departure or whether he was terminated," the newspaper said. Ahl had joined the station in July 2008.

Ahl also submitted his resignation to PRNDI Board president, effective immediately. He was in his second term in the office. George Bodarky, news and public affairs director at WFUV-FM in New York, will serve as PRNDI acting president until the board election June 30.

"PRNDI would like to thank Jonathan Ahl, affectionately known as 'the chief,' for his strong commitment to the organization over the years," the organization said on its website.