Jan 26, 2009

Senate OKs DTV delay

The Senate -- on a voice vote -- has approved moving the DTV transition date from Feb. 17 to June 12. The House bill is up for consideration Jan. 26.

Delay may cost PBS $22 million

Putting off the DTV transition from Feb. 17 to June 12 could cost pubcasters $22 million, PBS head Paula Kerger estimates. The White House is seeking the delay because the fed program providing money for converter box coupons is out of money. Kerger said she announced the figure so lawmakers might keep in mind the financial hardship for stations. She added that PBS is not aligned with either side in the ongoing debate over the date.

One day only! Get your wedding dress at Milwaukee Public TV

Here's a new fundraising idea: Milwaukee Public TV is selling some 400 wedding gowns and other formal dresses at its studio and warehouse on Feb. 7. An area bridal shop closed and donated its leftover inventory to the station, which is pricing the dresses at $10 to $40. 

Denver PBS analog signal down for up to four weeks

KBDI in Denver is coping with the aftermath of 100 mph winds that knocked its analog signal off the air. Its antenna and transmission line were extensively damaged and repairs could take up to a month. Viwers are being urged to convert to digital reception immediately. This comes in the wake of KRMJ-TV's analog transmitter in Grand Junction failing on Dec. 31; that may not be repaired.