Feb 5, 2004

WGBH is negotiating with Boston city authorities for permission to cover part of its new headquarters with a"digital skin" of electronic images overlooking the Massachusetts Turnpike, the Boston Globe says. 'GBH promises to be classy but the city fears others might not be. [Earlier article on WGBH's new home.]
Billy Tauzin, the Louisiana congressman who oversees broadcasting and CPB as House Commerce chairman, announced his retirement from the committee effective Feb. 16 and from Congress after this term, the Washington Post reported. Rep. Joe Barton (R-Tex.) is expected to succeed Tauzin as chair, the Post said. In 2002 Barton named himself as "one of the skeptics about the need for public broadcasting today." Tauzin is expected to take the top drug-industry lobbying job. Public Citizen called for an ethics investigation because Tauzin had was a leader in negotiating the Medicare drug bill.