Aug 12, 2002

Technicians at NPR ratified the latest union contract proposal today, 88 percent voting yes.
Minnesota Public Radio brings "adult beverages" to the table as part of a three-station collaboration on programming, reports the St. Paul Pioneer Press.
David Barsamian and Pat Aufderheide appeared on Pacifica's Democracy Now! Friday to discuss the state of public broadcasting.
Hit Entertainment, Barney's new keeper, plans a $6 million promo campaign, 16 new toys and a 70-city stage tour to accompany 20 new Barney & Friends episodes on PBS, the New York Times reports. Barney's audiences today are half of their 1996-97 size.
The FCC dismissed some applications for noncommercial stations and translators Friday. The dismissed applicants failed to supply required updates to earlier applications, the agency says. (PDF, .doc, .txt.)