Jan 26, 2004

Minnesota Public Radio is selling a commercial AM station and its parent company is selling a radio network, reports AP, for a combined $10 million. Larry Bentson, who donated the AM station to MPR, told the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal that he's unhappy with the sale of WMNN.
An AP article details Jefferson Public Radio's plans to open a $10 million Western States Museum of Broadcasting in Redding, Ore., which would also host its new studios.
Patty Wente, g.m. at KWMU-FM in St. Louis, tells the St. Louis Post-Dispatch she thinks underwriting rules should be relaxed: "Are you saying you would deprive public broadcasting of keeping up with news and development [sic] because I can't use the word 'you'? Give me a break."
Lara Spencer, new host of public TV's Antiques Roadshow, will discuss the show's upcoming season tomorrow morning in a Washington Post web chat.
Public radio stations are hosting an online chat tomorrow night about this year's presidential campaign.