Nov 5, 2003

Tomorrow (Nov. 6) NPR will announce that it is receiving the largest monetary gift ever given to a U.S. cultural institution. No word yet on the donor or the amount.
Todd Mundt said he quit his NPR show because he was "burned out," according to the Battle Creek Enquirer.
MPT re-tools the format for Wall Street Week with Fortune: "It's not about a bunch of people on the set sitting around and picking stocks, that's for sure," executive producer Larry Moscow tells the Baltimore Sun.
The New Yorker takes note of Brooklyn's Pintchik Oracle, a feature on public radio's The Next Big Thing.
The FCC approved technology, called the "broadcast flag," to protect digital TV shows from being copied and distributed freely over the Internet. Broadcasters won a key concession from the commission, which declined to exempt news and public affairs programming from the new protections (PDF).