Nov 28, 2005

In the New York Times today and the Washington Post yesterday editorialists derided former CPB Chair Ken Tomlinson -- in the Times as a "disastrous zealot" and in the Post as "a triumph of 'politics over good judgment'". They followed similar views published in the Toledo Blade and elsewhere. Richard Mellon Scaife's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, however, said the true scandal is that taxpayers are "conscripted" to pay for media.
NPR's Anne Garrels tells the Hartford Courant about traveling with a company of Marines in Iraq: "[T]hey were so disappointed that I was NPR. They didn't know what NPR was, but they wanted Fox!" (Via Romenesko.)
In a feature at, NPR's Bill Marimow and Daniel Zwerdling share stories of how their work has made a difference.
The future of KUT-FM in Austin, Texas, includes a major fundraising effort and the possibility of a different relationship to its university parent, reports the Austin Chronicle.
The New York Times checks in with a high school radio station in Indianapolis whose license was challenged by a religious broadcaster. Dozens of stations around the country have faced similar challenges in recent years.