Apr 17, 2007

Radio manager Ray Dilley dies

Ray Dilley, 67, manager of the Nebraska Radio Network, founding manager of Vermont Public Radio and developer of NPR Worldwide, died over the weekend of April 13-15.

IMA backs Google's web performance metrics

Integrated Media Association has proposed that public radio's web operations use Google Analytics as their standard system for measuring website usage. To establish the metrics for a pilot group of 50 stations by July 1, the IMA Board decided to invest up to $25,000 of the surplus from its February conference. It's asking the CPB Radio Program Fund to put in $500,000.

Galan to collaborate with Burns on "The War"

Hector Galan, an Austin-based filmmaker and TV producer, will collaborate with Ken Burns in producing segments on Native and Hispanic American veterans' World War II experiences, according to AP.

Critic sees capitulation in PBS decision

By bowing to pressure from Latino activists seeking changes to The War, PBS and filmmaker Ken Burns set a "lousy precedent," writes Charlie McCullom, TV writer for the San Jose Mercury News.

Copyright judges reject webcaster appeals

The Copyright Royalty Board yesterday rejected all requests from webcasters that it reconsider the new fee structure for Internet radio it announced March 2. Webcasters have said the new rate structure, which raises the royalty rates and assesses fees on a per play basis, will cripple Internet radio. In addition, pubcasters that stream lots of hours would see their own rates rise dramatically. The new fee system goes into effect May 15; lawyers representing webcasters say the next step is likely an appeal to D.C.'s U.S. Court of Appeals. Coincidentally, a coalition of artists and webcasters yesterday announced "a national campaign to save Internet radio." See also