May 5, 2005

The New York Times editorial board weighs in on politicization of public broadcasting.
Public radio producer Benjamen Walker defends the Public Radio Exchange against a rival site: "ELITIST???? Man, I want to punch that guy in the mouth."
Showtime has greenlit a TV version of This American Life. The public radio show has already crossed over to Hollywood with a Warner Bros. deal.
A Seattle Times scribe urges the city's public schools district not to sell its noncommercial radio station, a popular dance-music outlet: "Selling irreplaceable assets to patch recurring budget deficits is a mistake. Even if you net $8 million."
Public radio's The Connection devotes an hour to CPB today, with Current Senior Editor Karen Everhart as a guest.
Readers of the New York Times weigh in on the CPB fracas: "The Republicans have been heedless to the fact of separation of church and state, and now they are trampling on one of our most cherished freedoms, freedom of the press," writes one. "Where is the outrage?" asks another.