Mar 17, 2006

Consultant and blogger Robert Paterson gives a sneak peek at a New York Times feature about NPR's growth in the post-Kroc era, dated for Sunday. "To put it in perspective, the [Baltimore Sun] just closed my old Beijing bureau," says Frank Langfitt, a Sun alum and NPR reporter. "NPR just opened a Shanghai bureau. It's night and day."
The Prometheus Radio Project says the FCC could open a filing window for full-power noncommercial FM frequencies within six months, reports Radio World.
The website for the Prairie Home Companion movie is up, complete with trailer. "Radio like you've never seen it before."
"NPR over the years began taking itself enormously seriously — as it should," says Bob Edwards in a Newsweek online article about his XM gig. "In the end I was so micromanaged that they were telling me how to pronounce syllables of words."