Sep 29, 2008

NPR online community: late to the game, but borne in all earnestness is "late to this game" of launching its own online community, writes Dick Meyer, editorial director, in a blog posting about the social media network that went live today. He attributes NPR's caution to the desire to "do it right" and create a useful and friendly discourse between users and NPR staff. "We are not launching the project to get more 'hits' that will make more money. We are doing it because it is the respectful thing to do for the NPR community."

One sale closes, another gets conditional approval

Two non-profits established to preserve local public radio service made some progress last week. Wasatch Public Media completed the purchase of Salt Lake City's KCPW-FM, long time sister station to KPCW in Park City, and Rhode Island's attorney general set some conditions in approving the pending sale of WRNI-AM. Buyer Rhode Island Public Radio took over operations of the state's two AM pubradio outlets last month under agreement with the seller, Boston University's WBUR.

CPB Board nominations clear Senate panel

Broadcasting & Cable reports that the Senate Commerce Committee approved President Bush's slate of CPB Board nominees late last week, but two Democrats on the panel voted against the renomination of former chair Cheryl Halpern.