Mar 1, 2005

In the MP3 era, "the art of the set and the segue is in imminent danger of dying," writes WFMU deejay Dave Mandl in the Brooklyn Rail.
A Boston Globe writer looks at the business model — or lack thereof — of podcasting. "One problem is that, much like the Web before advertising and e-commerce, there's no money in podcasting yet," he says.
Former WBUR-FM host Christopher Lydon will host an evening talk show on WUML-FM, reports the Lowell Sun. The Lowell, Mass., station is licensed to the University of Massachussetts, and the students who host some of the station's programs object to Lydon's arrival.
Indicating perhaps that PBS did not have to fear some four-letter words in a recent Frontline, the FCC yesterday chose not to stifle the right of (actors playing) soldiers to swear while risking their lives in war. (Surprised?) The order (news release, full text) rejected indecency complaints about ABC's airing of Saving Private Ryan last fall.
PBS's president stands by her decision ("not an easy one") to pull the two-mommies episode of Buster, reported Broadcasting & Cable. “I wouldn’t inject PBS stations into a culture war they did not start and cannot stop,” Pat Mitchell said at an AWRT meeting Feb. 25. Via