Oct 14, 2010

WNET/WLIW's Teaching & Learning Celebration moves toward sixth edition

The annual conference of K-12 teachers and educational experts of various stripes has been scheduled for March 18-19 in New York. Last year, attendance approached 10,000 (video highlights). Again it will take over many rooms of the big New York Hilton in midtown.

Look at yourself, now back to this item, now back to yourself ...

By now you may very well be one of the 4 million viewers of the Sesame Street spoof of that cheeky Old Spice commercial on YouTube. Here's the behind-the-scenes story from Miles Ludwig, vice president and executive producer of Digital Media at Sesame Workshop, via Mashable, a social media and web tech news site. Ludwig says around 50 single-shot takes were recorded, with take 35 as the magic number.

Nova's "Emergency Mine Rescue," filmed at site of Chilean disaster, airs Oct. 26

A Nova film crew has been at the site of the Chilean mine disaster since Sept. 5, and the program will air its hourlong doc "Emergency Mine Rescue" on Oct. 26, the WGBH science show announced Wednesday (Oct. 13). Its Pioneer Productions crew conducted interviews that will provide an in-depth account of the scientific aspects of the rescue. Viewers will get a look at the engineering, biological, and geological factors, as well as the psychological and physiological toll the miners faced in their two-month captivity more than 2,000 feet underground. “Emergency Mine Rescue” premieres at 8 p.m. Eastern (check local listings).