Mar 17, 2008

Sawaya gets a positive review from one p.d.

The program director of Pacifica station KPFT-FM in Houston spent some time recently with Nicole Sawaya, who recently recommitted to serving as the network's executive director, and he likes what he saw. "In virtually all our conversations the last few days, Nicole was quick to remind us that being into new media will be key to staying relevant," writes Ernesto Aguilar, who makes clear that he's equally bullish on the subject.

Could Barnicle appear on Boston's WBUR?

The g.m. of Boston's WBUR-FM tells the Boston Phoenix that he's been talking with Mike Barnicle, the local columnist who faced accusations of plagiarizing material in the late '90s. "I had nothing but the best of experiences with Mike for 23 years.... I think he's a voice that's missed in Boston," says Paul La Camera. On his blog, media watcher Dan Kennedy reminds readers that the most recent accusations "were only the latest in a quarter-century of similar, very credible complaints."

Haarsager joins podcast interview

Gravity Medium points to a NewsGang podcast featuring Dennis Haarsager, now interim CEO at NPR, as well as Doc Searls, Steve Gillmor and Stephen Hill.

Spam, McDonald's-style

Andy Carvin calls attention to an e-mail fraud scheme that uses the name of Joan Kroc, the philanthropist who gave NPR more than $200 million. “The scam claims to be doling out cash to nonprofit groups,” Carvin writes. “If you respond, they’ll end up demanding a hefty processing fee or even direct access to your bank accounts.”