Feb 28, 2007

KAZU and KUSP consider merging top management

California's KAZU-FM and KUSP-FM are considering a collaboration that could streamline their management and allow them to produce more local programming. "In the end, this is really just about ensuring we have the capacity to serve our communities," said Duncan Lively, KAZU's station manager, in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Read the stations' news release (PDF). Maker is Queen and five other ideas.

Sue Schardt shares thoughts inspired by last week's Integrated Media Association and Beyond Broadcast conferences. "This was the first time I’d heard so many people admitting -- in the halls, not on the podiums -- that they’re afraid," she writes.

Five terrible fake pledge-week specials on PBS

Merlin Mann shares five terrible fake pledge-week specials. "Surviving members of every 50s doo-wop band fight to the death with clubs -- shirtless and totally coked-up -- in massive Thunderdome-like arena."