Jan 31, 2005

He's no Elvis: The NPR fleece jacket purportedly worn by Bob Edwards has gone for $43 on eBay — $9 less than what you can pay for what looks like the same item at the NPR Shop.
Members of Metafilter discuss Minnesota Public Radio's new KCMP, with reactions ranging from "Now I can finally listen to music on the radio again" to "I could be unlucky, but every time I turn it on it sucks." More praise in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: "The idea that Public Radio would venture beyond All Things Considered and the lesser-known works of Dvorak to offer an alternative to popular music is so sensible, both as a business and cultural decision, it is remarkable it took so long."
When you're Ira Glass's girlfriend, "you have to put up with a lot of him thinking about his job rather than what's going on in front of him," says his squeeze in the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.