Feb 2, 2007

Unhappy classical fans in Texas can apply for LPFM

Despite a "significant number" of objections, the FCC will allow Kilgore Junior College in Kilgore, Texas, to sell KTPB-FM, its noncommercial station, to a religious broadcaster. But the commission has taken an unusual step and given KTPB's unhappy listeners a one-time chance to apply for a low-power FM license that could restore a classical music station to the community. (PDF.)

This liberal wants his WESUN

The return of classical music on Washington's WETA-FM has left the city without Weekend Edition Sunday, and the editor-at-large of the American Prospect is not happy. "Is there cosmic justice in the fact that people in the hollows of eastern Kentucky and the remote plains of Nebraska can hear a serious couple hours' worth of radio news on Sunday mornings, while those of us who have taken the good time, trouble, and expense to deposit ourselves in the nation's political nerve center -- and even enmesh ourselves in its sordid particulars -- can't?" he asks.

TV critics get their wish for "The War"

PBS will debut Ken Burns' The War on Sept. 23, one week later than originally planned. The Washington Post's Lisa de Moraes reports on the schedule change, which television critics clamored for during the recent press tour, and consults anonymous commercial network programmers. They describe the switch as "monumentally stupid."