Mar 7, 2005

A different pro-family lobby--this time the Family Pride Coalition of gay parents--is raising a ruckus, calling a "virtual rally" on Thursday, March 10, with supporters phoning and sending e-mails to the U.S. Department of Education disapproving Secretary Margaret Spellings' attack on the two-moms episode of Postcards from Buster. For the moment you can see the episode on the coalition's website. In a Current commentary, public TV exec Ron Santora says Spellings and PBS marginalize many American families while catering to the prejudices of others.
"We think as a family it's important to understand the world and all the people in it," says a parent who turned out at a Washington, D.C., church for a screening of the Postcards from Buster "Sugartime" episode. The Washington Post covered the event.
"NPR does a pretty good job, but it seems to delight in its own culture more than is absolutely necessary," said NPR Ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin at a seminar in Mississippi, reports the Jackson Clarion-Ledger.
"I don't think anyone should ever get over the way this country was founded — on not just liberty but also the extermination of the continent's original inhabitants and the importation of slaves," says Sarah Vowell in the Kansas City Star.
"[W]hat the classical fade-out tells us more than anything is that the 'custodians of public taste' have left the building, " writes a Washington Times opiner in the wake of WETA-FM's format change.