Sep 6, 2009

Going ga-ga for Kermit heads

Now here's a must-watch YouTube video: An interview on German TV of Lady Gaga dressed in a cape and hat made of dozens of Kermit frog bodies. Beneath the German voiceover the quirky pop phenom can be heard explaining, "I dress this way because my whole life is art." No reaction from Muppet Kermit thus far. And no word on whether he's pondering this outfit depicted in a photo of "Kermit's revenge."

Grover says shalom to Jerusalem

Madonna's current visit to Israel may be getting more press, but Grover will reach far more fans with his. The popular Sesame Street resident is traveling the country to update the 1986 Shalom Sesame, which has sold 1 million copies -- the No. 1 Jewish educational title, according to The Jerusalem Post. Grover has visited the Dead Sea, Caesarea, the Western Wall and even Mahane Yehuda, Jerusalem's largest shuk (outdoor market) to sample the goodies. Madonna may be visiting bigwigs including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but Grover gets to star in Shalom Sesame with stars including Jake Gyllenhaal and Debra Messing. It's scheduled for a 2010 release on Chanukah.