Dec 31, 2008

Idaho needs DTV translators

IdahoPTV says it needs six new digital translators to maintain coverage during and after the digital transition in February, reports Boise Weekly. More than 400,000 people in Idaho watch over-the-air signals; during a pubTVshow on DTV in November, some 2,600 viewers called in seeking advice. For IdahoPTV, buying more repeaters would need to be done through a privately-funded capital campaign. Peter Morrill, g.m., says broadcasters need opportunities from the FCC to apply for digital translator channels.

Audience growth begins at home

Pubradio marketing and programming consultants Deborah Blakeley and Israel Smith propose a 12-month audience growth goal for public radio stations and outline the steps needed to achieve it in "Thinking Audience," the latest article published by Station Resource Group's Grow the Audience project.

Harrisonburg stations make urgent fundraising appeal

"We are among the smaller stations in the public radio system," writes Tom DuVal, g.m. of WMRA and WEMC in Harrisonburg, Va., in an email appeal for year-end donations. "We cannot cut enough expenses without having a noticeable and undesirable impact on the quality of the service you receive." Underwriting revenues have dropped sharply and decreases in government support and private contributions have added to the stations' financial woes, DuVal tells the Daily News Record. Staff members have already taken 10 percent cuts in their salaries; lay-offs and cost-cutting program changes may come down next month.