Mar 25, 2008

Premiere of PBS's Oscar-winning family film: Wed. @ 8

"Peter and the Wolf," winner of this year's Academy Award as best animated short film, debuts tomorrow night on PBS's Great Performances.

Music discovery sites serving up a lot of what's already on the radio

Washington Post radio columnist Marc Fisher surveys the landscape of user-customized online music providers and finds that those proposing songs based on listener preferences aren't generating "exotic and creative" playlists. On the most popular sites, "the lists of most popular songs are almost indistinguishable from what's on most pop or hip-hop radio stations," he writes.

Justice Dep't okays XM-Sirius merger

Citing the growth of digital audio choices for radio listeners, the Justice Department yesterday approved the proposed merger of the XM and Sirius satellite radio companies. The Washington Post and New York Times report on reactions from opponents to the merger, and what may happen when the FCC takes up the proposal. On Hear 2.0 radio researcher Mark Ramsey describes why the merger will have minimal consequences for the radio industry.