Apr 13, 2007

Unedited version of Crossroads soldier stories available

WETA, which oversaw production of the America at a Crossroads series, will make an uncensored version of one of the films, Operation Homecoming, available to stations that request it but hasn't publicized the offering, reports the Los Angeles Times. PBS will only offer a sanitized version of the film depicting soldiers' war stories, some of which include profanity. "Our policy, in the name of trying to eliminate errors so a station doesn't unwittingly punch up the wrong version, is to keep it relatively clean and straightforward," said John Wilson, PBS programming chief. The film is scheduled for 10 p.m. Monday, which falls within the FCC's "safe harbor" for edgy content, but will air an hour earlier in the central time zone.

HearVox News: Community Broadcasters Agenda: revised

Check out this spoof revised agenda for this week's Community Broadcasters Conference: "0815-1000: Case Studies in New Facilities and how building would have been easier with webcasting and everyone at RIAA dead from painful diseases."

The Making of a Personality, Chapter XIII

Tucker Carlson, briefly host of a PBS talk show between his gigs on CNN and MSNBC, will host a game show pilot for CBS, Who Do You Trust?, TV Week reported. With his game tryout on Dancing with the Stars, Carlson continued his climb to bow-tied personality status -- someday potentially eclipsing altogether the memory of George Will, Pee Wee Herman, Bill Nye and even Orville Redenbacher.