May 30, 2006

Robert Paterson's Weblog: Future of Public Radio - A Parable Part 1 - "The Members"

Consultant Robert Paterson relates the tale of his recent 300-kilometer bike ride and explains how it ties into his work with NPR and public radio. "The leadership job is not to control my bike ride but to provide every biker with the optimal experience that fits them uniquely," he writes. "Do you offer this to your staff or to your listeners?"

RadioSutton: Time to Make Station Health Public Radio's Number One Priority

John Sutton proposes a goal for increasing listening to public radio: "By the end of 2010, 75% of all public radio stations will have increased their AQH [average quarter hour] audiences by at least 10 percent over their calendar year 2005 average."

KUOW launches second FM service

Seattle's KUOW-FM will launch a second news/talk service on KXOT-FM in Tacoma starting July 1. The station will carry national news and information programs not already airing on KUOW. KXOT is owned by Public Radio Capital and was previously operated by KEXP-FM, which was unable to keep up payments on the station and let it go dark in January.

Gwathmey to retire

Joe Gwathmey is retiring as president of Texas Public Radio in San Antonio. Gwathmey was a member of NPR's founding board of directors and one of the network's first employees.

KOCE sale invalidated by court

The fate of the Los Angeles area's second largest pubTV station is up in the air again after a state appeals court on Friday nixed the sale of KOCE to a nonprofit affiliated with the station. The seller, a community college district in Orange County, must either keep the station or put it up for sale again, the Los Angeles Times reported. Selling KOCE to the nonprofit instead of a higher-bidding religious broadcaster was "the rankest form of favoritism," the court concluded after rehearing the case. Daystar, the religious broadcasting chain, filed a separate suit alleging discrimination. The nonprofit now operating KOCE thought it wrapped up the purchase in October 2003.