Mar 2, 2010

Sprinkle ... love ... for digital stuff

Kachingle, an online service designed to make it easy for online media consumers to leave thank-you gifts, officially began operation with 75 sites participating, including the Center for Investigative Reporting, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting and, the company says. Others are “queued up” to go live, including the Center for Public Integrity. Newspapers in Boulder, Colo., and Sioux City, Iowa, also have signed up so far. Their slogan has evolved from “Sprinkle change on the content you love” to “Crowdfunding sites you love” and now “Social cents for digital stuff.” See Current’s article and the Kachingle website.

New PubRadio Player introduces banner ads

Public Radio Player Version 2.1, an upgrade of the iPhone app developed by Public Radio Exchange last year, is now available for downloads in the iTunes App Store. PRX rewrote the code to improve the app's performance and added features such as a sleep timer, alarm clock and the ability to bookmark your favorite listening selections. There's something else very different about the latest player: PRX is introducing national banner ads on top-level pages. "CPB has encouraged us to find ways to sustain the project beyond grant support so this is our first foray into mobile advertising," explains Executive Director Jake Shapiro on "We are working to make it possible for stations to sell local ads on their own Player pages." A broader roll-out of local station ads is planned for version 3.0, which PRX will release in June. CPB recently renewed its funding of the Public Radio Player, a pubradio collaborative project that PRX has managed since 2008. The first version offered live streams of 150 public radio stations. Now 500 are accessible through the app.