Mar 17, 2003

Time reviews NPR's growth and touches on a few of the other biggies in the field.
NPR ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin says NPR commentaries have excluded expressions of "unabashed and unconditional support (and there is lot of it) for the administration" and war against Iraq. (Dvorkin's column now appears weekly--catch up in the archive.)
The New York Times previews Domestic Violence, a Frederick Wiseman documentary that airs this week on PBS stations. "Mr. Wiseman subscribes to the "give them enough rope" philosophy: let anyone talk long enough, and they will sooner or later reveal themselves," writes David Edelstein. "He provides the longest ropes in the business."
American Masters profiles Alice Waters, the cook and restaurateur who "made it possible to feel progressive while eating really good food in really nice places." The New York Times previews the documentary, which airs on PBS stations March 20.