Sep 27, 2002

Pacifica voted to return to its old home of Berkeley after its executive director said the move would save money, reports the Berkeley Daily Planet. Just last month the board voted to delay the move, reversing an earlier vote to return to Berkeley--which itself reversed an earlier vote not to return to Berkeley! Got that?
The increasingly busy Nic Harcourt, host of KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic, tells the L.A. Times he's "totally overworked." He just supervised the music for the new film Igby Goes Down. [Hear Morning Becomes Eclectic online.]

Sep 26, 2002

PBS launched a major new website for parents. It features an activity search tool that correlates games, booklists, stories and fun projects with kids' skills and interests.
"Luckily I hadn't had anything to eat or drink; if I'd had a cup of coffee I might have actually been sweating steam and the little recording booth might have exploded," says Ftrain's Paul Ford of a recent taping for NPR's Rewind. (The bit about Rewind is after the bit about Paul falling off a truck, which relates not a whit to public broadcasting but amuses nonetheless.)

Sep 25, 2002

Talks with NPR's Ben Roe and the BBC's John Evans from the PRPD are now online at the website of the Association of Music Personnel in Public Radio.
"If PBS only had a sense of humor and encouraged more independent creativity and originality, its programs would serve audiences far better," writes Lawrence Grossman, in the latest Columbia Journalism Review. The ex-PBS and NBC News president reviews two recent books on public TV, and offers his own prescription for fixing it.

Sep 24, 2002

"I am not a well-read or a well-educated person," WNYC's Steve Post tells the New York Times. "But I have a deep voice, which makes me sound authoritative." Post is back on WNYC as host of The No Show.
NPR's Terry Gross is working with California-based producer Margaret Pick, formerly of A Prairie Home Companion, on a book that will compile transcripts of Fresh Air highlights, according to the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune.
You can hear samples from the new Public Radio Weekend service on the show's website.
Also online from PRPD: the results of Walrus Research's focus groups with classical music listeners.
Audience researcher David Giovannoni's speech from last week's Public Radio Program Directors' conference is online.

Sep 17, 2002

NPR promoted New York Correspondent Melissa Block to co-host of All Things Considered with Robert Siegel, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Sep 13, 2002

The Washington Post profiles Diane Rehm and her husband, John, who have written a new book about their difficult 45-year marriage.

Sep 11, 2002

Bob Steele of the Poynter Institute praises the "gravitas" of NPR's Sept. 11 coverage.
NPR's "Present at the Creation" series gets some ink in a New York Times story about backward-looking arts coverage in the media.

Sep 10, 2002

If you watch just one show about the anniversary of Sept. 11, Frontline's "Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero" ought to be it, says Thane Peterson of BusinessWeek.

Sep 6, 2002

Currency, car air fresheners and gerbil shields: just some of the uses Car Talk listeners are suggesting for Tom and Ray's hoard of yogurt lids, the leftovers from a bungled anti-SUV campaign.

Sep 5, 2002

NPR commentator Cokie Roberts tells USA Today that she has received over 1,000 letters, mostly from strangers, since she told the media that she has breast cancer.

Sep 4, 2002

Nearly all of the money released by Congress in fiscal year 2002 for public TV and radio's digital conversion will go to help the smallest public TV stations meet their May 2003 transition deadline, CPB has decided.
Visit the website of Nuevos Horizontes (New Horizons), a Spanish-language radio program from the University of Illinois.
Garrison Keillor gets a satiric makeover as "Harrison Taylor" in a mock interview for The Rake.
A new website produced by WGBH aggregates content from public TV and radio on the global connections that contributed to unrest in the Middle East. Another recently launched 'GBH site helps local parents learn about education standards and testing in the Boston Public School System and the state of Massachusetts.
Paul Ingles, an independent producer in public radio, has a website.
Did you know Eastern Public Radio has a website? Well, it does.
Arthur Cohen, formerly of WETA, WNYC and the Radio Research Consortium, now has a website for his consulting business, Whole Station Solutions.

Sep 3, 2002

Mary Lou [Retton]'s Flip-Flop Shop has premiered on public TV with a serious attempt to help kids deal with emotions and "an overriding, self-conscious zaniness," writes Lynne Heffley in the Los Angeles Times.
Barney & Friends "shrewdly combines elements of current reality hits Big Brother and The Real World, says Kansas City Star critic Aaron Barnhart.
The First Amendment gives the press too much freedom, according to 42 percent of Americans polled, according to American Journalism Review. The percentage down on the First Amendment has doubled in two years.
Jim Lehrer says he'll stay on the NewsHour until he loses his kick for daily journalism--or starts drooling on the air--during an interview on CNN's Reliable Sources.