Oct 7, 2005

Radio World lists several noncommercial radio licensees, including WAMC-FM in Albany, N.Y., who received licenses after the FCC resolved conflicting applications.
Ron Della Chiesa will step down next month as the weekday morning classical music host on Boston's WGBH-FM, reports the Boston Herald. He has hosted classical music on the station for 35 years. (He is not retiring, as this item formerly and erroneously stated.)
Longtime Prairie Home Companion sponsor Lands' End has ended its underwriting deal with the show, reports the (Madison, Wis.) Capital Times.
Josh Kornbluth, host of a quirky new local series and weblog for KQED-TV, dreamed of being an NBA point guard, but he never imagined having his own TV show. "You look at someone who belongs on television . . . they're solid, like they belong there.... An animated character can be like me, " he tells the San Francisco Chronicle. "Look at Jim Lehrer, and look at his hair. There's no way I can compete with that."