Oct 8, 2002

A new study by Fairness and Accuracy in Media says seven major-market public radio stations sound, on average, twice as white as the communities they serve, due to a lack of diversity among daytime hosts.
The National Federation of Community Broadcasters' website looks nifty with a new design.
NPR's Morning Edition has commissioned its first radio play, a "zany comedy" by a Hollywood screenwriter, reports The Washington Post.
Faith Middleton, host of Connecticut Public Radio's Faith Middleton Show, was to celebrate her relationship with Fern Berman Sunday with a commitment ceremony, as noted by The New York Times.
The New York Daily News checks in with Cokie Roberts, who is receiving chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.
The Washington Post previews an upcoming film about Stephen Glass, the journalist who famously fabricated stories he filed for various outlets, including public radio's This American Life. So who plays Ira Glass?