Jan 11, 2008

How persuasive is Persuasion?

"Persuasion, the first production from PBS' Complete Jane Austen, badly overadjusts, adding so many fussy modern flourishes and out-of-place romantic gestures it almost undermines the inherent beauty of Austen's work," writes Robert Bianco in USA Today. Laurence Vittes of the Hollywood Reporter disagrees: "Persuasion, the first installment in the new Jane Austen cycle...finds an excellent, demographic-widening middle road between the stiff, formal attempts of 20 and 30 years ago and flights of cinematic fancy like Patricia Rozema's Mansfield Park from 1999."

Previews of radio's next evolution

Food for thought on the future of radio: Rob Paterson blogs about the arrival of Wi-fi to the car and Mark Ramsey describes how RCA's Infinite Radio--a table-top unit integrating AM/FM, Wi-Fi, and Slacker Personal Radio--blows HD Radio away.

Pledge drive listening as measured by PPMs

Pubradio marketing consultant John Sutton summarizes conclusions from the first study to use Arbitron Personal People Meter data to analyze pledge-drive listening.

Was Eucharist fair game? But Faith gets forgiveness

Public Radio International has apologized for a recent skit on Fair Game with Faith Salie that recommended an imaginary “Huckabee family recipe” for “Deep-Fried Body of Christ — boring holy wafers no more,” the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights said yesterday. The recipe skit was one of several based on weight problems of the preacher/presidential candidate (here’s another), but this one was pulled from the nightly comic interview show’s website, the league said, concluding: “We are satisfied with this outcome — it effectively ends this issue.”