Sep 11, 2006

State accuses contractor with safety violations in Iowa tower deaths

A state agency has cited a tower service company for three violations of safety regulations involved in a fatal accident on an Iowa Public Television tower near Des Moines, TV Technology reported. Three workers, including the proprietor of the company, were being lifted to change light bulbs on the tower when they fell 1,200 feet and died in the March incident.

Caleca and Mendes depart PBS this month

Two of PBS's top technical officers are leaving this month: Ed Caleca, senior v.p. of technology and operations, and Andre Mendes, chief technology integration officer, according to TV Technology. Caleca leaves Sept. 15 and Mendes Sept. 29, the magazine's website said.

Amy Goodman to begin newspaper column

King Features Syndicate will begin distributing a weekly current-affairs column by Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman on Oct. 24, Editor & Publisher reports. She predicts "Amy Goodman: Breaking the Sound Barrier" will bring out voices of the "silenced majority." Goodman and her journalist brother David are co-authors of this year's Static: Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders, and the People Who Fight Back, now available at Wal-Mart!