Aug 3, 2009

The story of an unexpected gift for NPR

There's heartwarming story that's circulating in the blogosphere about a homeless man from Phoenix who passed away and left a $4 million estate. His name, Richard Leroy Walters, can be heard on funding credits that began airing on public radio last month: "Support for NPR comes from the estate of Richard Leroy Walters, whose life was enriched by NPR, and whose bequest seeks to encourage others to discover public radio." All Things Considered host Robert Siegel uncovered the story of Walters' life and the gifts he bequeathed. You can read or listen to it here.

WYCC target of federal lawsuit

A new federal lawsuit alleges that WYCC, a PBS member licensed to City Colleges of Chicago, violated terms of its government grant funding and broke federal tax rules for charities, according to an exclusive story on the Chi-Town Daily News website. Under alleged direction of then-Chancellor Wayne Watson, WYCC paid to produce free videos of powerful politicians and friends of the chancellor, says an internal college e-mail obtained by the investigative site. The political programs, produced between 2002 and 2006, prompted a state ethics investigation. When the station's former manager, Maria Moore, complained about the political projects, she was fired. Although the station produced the shows, the programs never aired.