Mar 2, 2007

Open Source’s Shiny New MacArthur Grant

Public radio's Open Source has received a $250,000 grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to support its integration of radio and the Web. "If you're not familiar with Radio Open Source, this is an approach worth at least serious consideration, and perhaps outright emulation, by broadcasters elsewhere," writes Poynter blogger Amy Gahran.

PRPD starts blog

The Public Radio Program Directors Association has started a blog.

Why no PayPal on public broadcasters' websites?

Media consultant Amy Gahran asks why most public broadcasters don't allow their web visitors to donate via PayPal: "Seems to me that Paypal [is] a friendlier, less intrusive way to start and build a donor relationship than forcing people to labor through a form and immediately become a member."

Can a silent 'humble Farmer' stay the course in Maine?

A longtime volunteer host on Maine Public Radio has silenced himself after network execs disapproved of his politically flavored commentary, reports Village Soup. "The guidelines set me up so I have to fail," the host says. "If I don't say anything, they can't get rid of me."