Feb 19, 2008

Silent phones and dire warnings at KMBH

KMBH-FM in Harlingen, Texas, canceled its February fundraising campaign after receiving only six pledge calls in three days. "[T]his lack of financial support only aggravates our situation and may force us to make drastic changes on our service to the Rio Grande Valley," KMBH warned visitors to its website. "[T]hose who HAVE NOT GIVEN THEIR FINANCIAL SUPPORT will not have any right to complain when their favorite radio station changes or even vanishes from the air!!!" The station, a joint licensee operated by the Catholic Diocese of Brownsville, has been under scrutiny of the local newspaper for lack of transparency in its governance and financial reporting. The McAllen Monitor's recent story on the aborted pledge campaign prompted one reader to comment about concerns that the diocese has attempted to censor content on the TV and radio stations. "Perhaps another entity should take over the ownership of both stations. Or, better yet, another public radio affiliate could set up shop in the Valley."

"All white people's opinions are developed from Public Radio"

The blog "Stuff White People Like" explains why Caucasians love public radio so much. Be sure to read the comments and follow the link to "Does Anything Make You Feel Instantly Older than Donating to Public Radio?"