Feb 15, 2007

Poynter Online - A Conversation With Corey Flintoff

Poynter's website presents MP3s of conversations with Corey Flintoff, an NPR newscaster and reporter who recently has been filing stories from Iraq. "Flintoff says journalists should be cautious of recent reports about Iran's role in the war as well," writes Leann Frola. "He says he's skeptical of the 'so called' evidence that Iran is providing roadside bombs that are killing soldiers like the ones he interviewed. You just don't know when you can't see it for yourself, he says."

Journalists "have a long way to go to regain the public's trust "

Frontline producer Raney Aronson chatted with Washington Post readers about the public affairs show's state-of-journalism doc, "News War: Secrets, Sources & Spin." The program, the first segment in the four-part "News War" series, debuted Tuesday and is available online.

CPB seeks stations for outreach grants

CPB released a request for proposals this week for stations interested in participating in its community engagement initiative, a two-year collaboration between the corporation and the Harwood Institute for Public Innovation, a community organization consulting group based in Bethesda, Md. The project will offer participating stations--which must already be pursuing community engagement efforts--coaching, ongoing support and access to the Harwood Institute's resources in order to strengthen and expand those efforts. The stations will receive $20,000 to fund their projects and reimbursement for the cost of any travel to workshops. CPB will pick 12 stations of various market and budget sizes and licensee types to participate by March 9.

Discovery Education targeted for more cuts

The corporate restructuring announced this month by Discovery Communications President David Zaslav will likely bring more cuts to its education division, according to Broadcasting & Cable.