Oct 17, 2011

Board asks Pacifica's WBAI-FM to reduce fundraising days by 40 percent

The board of WBAI-FM/Pacifica Radio in New York City has passed a resolution that the station must drop the number of on-air fundraising days by 40 percent over the next three years and expand its membership "quickly by 35 percent," reports Matthew Lasar on the Radio Survivor blog. The Local Station Board (LSB) said in a resolution, "WBAI’s on-air fundraising is based on repetitive recorded half-hour and hour-long pitches for premiums. The LSB is concerned that so much valuable air-time is being spent on pitching premiums, such that the station is in danger of becoming another version of the home shopping network." WBAI was planning more than 120 days of on-air fundraising for next year.

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Anonymous said...

WBAI is doing some sort of on-air fundraising one-third of all the days of the year??