Apr 14, 2011

So much for "Something Different with Bill Moyers"

After PBS declined to designate the proposed show Something Different with Bill Moyers (w.t.) for common carriage, Moyers has withdrawn the program, according to the New York Times. Carnegie Corporation backed the concept with $2 million grant last month, opening the possibility that Moyers would come out of retirement to mount a new weekly production. "After discussions with my underwriters, we have decided to pursue other options and projects," Moyers explained in an e-mail to the Times. PBS plans to unveil its fall schedule to member stations next month, it said in a statement. "Until then, we'll continue to work with Bill and all of our talented producers to create an engaging and diverse program offering."


Anonymous said...

Well that's one huge bullet to dodge. Another Moyers series would have sealed the fate for PBS funding. You cannot continually let this far left idealogue on the air.

Mark J. said...

Documented proof that Bill Moyers is a "far left idealogue"--and next time, will you have the guts to sign your name?