Mar 2, 2011

PBS "sells product" like nobody else, Philly columnist says

Aging rockers are happy to participate as PBS goes after Baby Boomer bucks with classic rock specials, notes columnist Jonathan Takiff in today's (March 2) Philadelphia Daily News. Why? "Because PBS still sells product — CDs and DVDs — like nothing else on the boob tube except Glee and American Idol," he writes. "Hang in to the closing credits for this month's top PBS concert specials and you'll note that most have been produced by the artists' companies and record labels. No surprise, then, that extended CD and DVD packages of the [Carole King/James Taylor] documentary and [Harry] Connick, '[David] Foster and Friends' and Billy Joel specials are hitting stores this week or next, and that they'll be the primary premium offered during the fundraising breaks."

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Anonymous said...

Seems like Non Commercial Educational licencees have become the home of the program length commercial.

Are NCE's not required to be more up-front about who supplies the programming, and whether consideration was paid by the program supplier?