Feb 2, 2011

PBS research finds poor technology infrastructure in many classrooms

PBS's annual study of media technology used by teachers reveals an "insufficient capacity of computing devices and technology infrastructure to handle teachers’ Internet-dependent instructional activity," it announced today (Feb. 2). The national research by Grunwald Associates LLC also shows that kindergarten through 12th grade teachers spend 60 percent of their time using educational resources in the classroom that are either free or paid for by teachers themselves, due to school budget cuts. The nationwide, online survey reflects views of a representative sample of 1,401 full-time classroom teachers (1,204 K-12 public school teachers and 197 pre-K teachers in public and private schools) in August 2010. PBS has commissioned the study since 2002.

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Anonymous said...

And why is this a surprise? Defund CPB and use these funds to improve classroom infrastructure.