Feb 12, 2011

House debate on Continuing Resolution – including CPB funding – set to begin Tuesday

Debate has been set to start Tuesday (Feb. 15) on H.R. 1, the Continuing Resolution (CR) that would keep the federal government running but also would slash the budget, including ending CPB funding as of fiscal 2013. The resolution also proposes eliminating FY 2011 money for the CPB Digital program, Ready to Learn, the Public Telecommunications Facilities Program, the Rural Utility Service's digital work, and Radio Interconnection. "These draconian cuts will deal a devastating blow to local public television and radio stations if enacted," APTS President Patrick Butler cautioned in an e-mail to stations today (Feb. 12).

Amendments are expected to be put forward to save the pubcasting dollars. Those votes could come at any time Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, the message said.


Anonymous said...

CPB has been living off the largess of others for far too long. It's's time to stop sucking at the teat of the tax payer.

mbnjmntrb said...

to speak to anonymous's statement: thats exactly the kind of attitude i hope you have when you have retired and only have federal & state money to live off of.

Kathy Gronau said...

The money for public broadcasting benefits all consumers, including those who cannot afford to pay for cable. Public Radio provides in-depth news unavailable anywhere else on the dial or web. We need it to keep an informed public.