Jan 24, 2011

Cable glitch drops KCET from some Time Warner viewers

KCET continues to weather challenges following its departure from the PBS system on Jan. 1. The latest is a cable glitch, according to the Los Angeles Times. Time Warner was supposed to convert KCET to an all-digital signal last week, according to station programming chief Mare Mazur. The switch "should not have affected any subscribers with digital boxes, which according to Time Warner represents about 90 percent of their customers," Mazur said. But  KCET received complaints from viewers. The outlet has since been working with Time Warner to try to resolve the situation. The LA Times could not reach a representative for Time Warner Cable for comment.


Anonymous said...

We have no KCET reception on our Time Warner cable in Sherman Oaks. It's always been on channel 6. I noticed it gone about three days ago - just snow. Hope it's resolved soon.

Anonymous said...

Like, get real, who cares much anymore. All I miss is Huell Howser!

Well, I do miss him!

Anonymous said...

Some of you need to look harder. If you have newer tv with hd (like my bedroom tvs) you don't need a box for KCET. Go to channel 28-1 and viola.