Aug 18, 2010

City joins other Green Bay groups assisting WPT with LZ Lambeau budget overrun

The city council of Green Bay, Wisc., voted 10-2 on Tuesday (Aug. 17) to waive $10,000 of its $48,000 bill for law enforcement for Wisconsin Public TV's LZ Lambeau event in May, according to local ABC affiliate WBAY. The outreach event, a belated "welcome home" to Vietnam veterans, drew some 70,000 vets and supporters to Lambeau Field (Current, June 7, 2010). The Packers NFL team, the Chamber of Commerce and Brown County also have pledged contributions to assist the station, which ran $350,000 over budget for the $1 million event.

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Anonymous said...

WBAY is actually an ABC affiliate and has been since 1992.